KONIKKARA INDUSTRIES, Kochi is a privately held manufacturing company - registered under with Small Scale Industrial Development Department - promoted and managed by some of the experienced and technical personals in the trade and business.

         The company established in 2000 and the company has grown manifold with extensive portfolio of products and services in the following fields: -


Aquarium and pet sectors


Thermometer sectors


Energy saving illumination sectors
Quality and Service

         We know how much pain we had to sell the 1st batch of products in this market with cheaper items in quality as well as price. But soon we found that our materials are moving better, since people understand our quality and service assistance. We are trying to improve our products quality time to time with the help of our clients feed back as well as our own research and development department. We know that if you feel that our products are little expensive in the beginning but found in the partial experience that it will pay off in the long run of time. We are designed and manufacturing our products with stable and long run with out much trouble. We also believe the theory of “the best value for money” and following the same to save our clients as much we can.

Environmental compatibility

        The time when performance and comfort where the only value by which products were judged are the thing of the past. Today the products not only respect its performance, but also the environment. Environment protection begins where products build in the production plants. We have therefore sought new environmentally compatible process. Plastic parts are now more often marked before assembly to allow segregated recycling. Our product packing covers are made from recycled materials. We are trying to develop the quality of our products but at the same time save energy and control pollution and waste and keep our planet green as much we can by waste little and do recycle the products as much we can. We all can work hard together for better future for our generation and us.

Research and Development

      We have our own Research and development department, where always do the experiments for the new products and services to give the world better than before. Our R&D department spend very good amount of our resaves to make new items and ideas to serve our clients in the future. We believe that such action can always give good result in the future and satisfy the needs of our clients


      KONIKKARA INDUSTRIES are located at Kochi, One of the business port city in the ancient and new India, which located South West end of Indian subcontinent. Kochi is one of the business center of Kerala and known as “Queen of Arabian Sea” and located with sea and airports with sufficient infrastructure, communication facilities and banking. Very good accessibility in Kerala state as well as other sates in India as well as overseas market. Kochi also one of the traditional and tourism spot in Kerala and India with enrich with nice educated community, culture, landscape and weather

Our business address: -

Mail address




  Kochi - 682 005



Telephone numbers

 : + 91 - 484 - 2212771


 : + 91 - 484 - 2211017

E - mail


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 : In the above address

Additional facilities

 : Kizhakkambalam
   PIN - 683 562


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