KOINE Light Emitting Diodes Lamps

Fact, Functions and uses:-

      In the line of save the energy, we had come across with some good idea with the merge of the modern technologies. Light Emitting Diodes are giving new heights to the modern lighting requirements and long battery as well as lamp life.

    Light Emitting Diode bulbs emit a clear, pure White or colored light. The light remains as bright as with fresh batteries but diminishes in volume/output as the battery drains down. The White Light Emitting Diode bulb will never turn yellowish as the battery is being drained!
    Light Emitting Diode bulbs are virtually impervious to heat, cold, shock and vibrations. They operate from -40C to +85C with Lithium batteries, but within a much tighter temperature ranges with alkaline. Drop it, bang it around, and forget it for months or years and it will still work!

    A Light Emitting Diode bulbs bulb does not heat up or have a glass enclosure that can explode, so are inherently NON-incentive! It also can use as explosion proof material range in the sensitive areas life oil and gas fields, mines and military.

     Light Emitting Diode bulbs last 100,000+ continuous hours when used at the rated voltage. Light volume/output gradually diminishes allowing time to replace the bulb, if it ever comes to that.


    Light Emitting Diode bulbs emit maximum brightness at constant ON mode for 5 times or more hours longer than incandescent bulbs. Light Emitting Diode bulbs give you bright light until the battery dies. Supposedly "dead" batteries used with incandescent bulbs or other battery powered products, will power up a Light Emitting Diode Bulb!

   Light Emitting Diode bulbs provide a ten-fold increased measure of safety and security for public safety personnel, emergency personnel and private security personnel. You will have light when you need it the most! A Light Emitting Diode bulb will never go out on you without warning!

    The Light Emitting Diode bulb in any color will produce maximum brightness with 3 each x 1.5V cells/batteries of any size. It will light up with 2 each x 1.5V cells/batteries to extend cell/battery life but the brightness will be reduced by one-third or more.

   If you have a 4 cell or larger flashlight and want to use an Light Emitting Diode Bulb, make a "dummy" battery or two to keep the voltage to 4.5V max. Use metal stock of the same diameter as the batteries to be replaced. Insert the dummy or dummies at the negative end of the battery stack.

NOTE: Bulb life is shortened when voltage used is in excess of what the bulb was designed to operate with ... 4.5V! May cause deterioration, shorten the bulbs life, or immediately burn it out!!!!
     A Light Emitting Diode Bulb will NOT allow adjustable light beam focusing. This bulb is a generic replacement, NOT a Krypton or Halogen replacement bulb. It will work in all type of focusing PR type flashlights.
Last but not the least:
A Light Emitting Diode bulb will NOT be as bright nor project the light beam as far as a Krypton or Halogen. Its strengths are:
.... Long life, good for 10 years/100,000 hours of usable light!

.... Increased battery and light life!
.... Being virtually un-breakable; impervious to heat or cold!
.... a White Light Emitting Diode bulb will be sunlight white, NOT yellowish!
.... It will never fail you when you need light!

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